A Photoshop plug-in to restore images, correct defects and more
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Akvis Retoucher is an excellent product for amateur photo editors who want a fast solution to enhance their photos: remove dust, scratches, undesired objects and many more. You just select the imperfections, click on a button and that's it! Of course you will always need some retouching by hand later on some surfaces.
Akvis Retoucher acts as a plugin for your favorite photo editor, so you don't need to learn a new software from scratch (reducing drastically the learning curve).
This software integrates seamlessly with Photoshop, you just select the areas to be restored/corrected, and start the plugin. You will be amazed with the incredible results achieved.
The usage is very simple, just open your favorite editor (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro...) and look at the plugins list.
There are some other very interesting things that you can do with Akvis Retoucher. You can take an image over a bigger canvas and stretch the image background without touching the centered object. This is done because the software recognizes the areas that are closer to the image borders.

Review summary


  • Incredible results in seconds


  • You need Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro
  • Fully functional for 10 days
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